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Professional Dominant UK

I’m a heterosexual Professional Dominant based in ‘Brighton & Hove', London and the UK.

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The online dominant service is tailored specifically to you, catering to your kinks and desires.

Shibari School

Beginner's Shibari Teacher

I’m a beginner’s Shibari teacher based in Brighton, Hove & London. I teach private Shibari sessions for individuals, couples and small groups.

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Hi, I’m Ti Mackenzie (pronounced tie),
I am a professional Dominant based in Brighton, London & Sussex, but I travel all over the UK.

If you’re looking for a safe and consensual space for you to explore your kinks, fetishes, and fantasies, then you’ve found it because it’s at the core of what I do as a professional Dominant in the UK. I offer a wide range of BDSM activities, such as bondage, spanking, flogging, restraints/rope, sensory deprivation, and role-play. Clients approach me for various reasons, all sharing a common desire for a discreet, safe, and consensual environment to delve into their desires and kinks.

As a professional male Dominant, I understand that BDSM and power exchange relationships require trust, respect and communication. My goal as a pro-Dom is to provide my clients with an enjoyable experience in which they can feel safe to explore their desires.

I take safety very seriously. I always ensure that my clients are comfortable and aware of the risks involved with BDSM play. I discuss boundaries with my clients beforehand and ensure that all activities are consensual. After every session, you’ll receive aftercare, including a phone call the following day, allowing you to process your experience and discuss your thoughts and feelings bought up.

I am an experienced BDSM practitioner and can provide guidance and advice and help my clients find out what works best for them. So whether you’re looking for an intense session or something more lighthearted, I can help ensure your experience is both satisfying and enjoyable. I can also provide mentoring for those new to the kink scene or still learning about their kinks, BDSM and being a submissive.

Professional Male Dominant Brighton
What to expect from a Male Pro Dom

How I work as a Professional Male Dominant

I have been involved in the BDSM community for nine years. This has provided me with invaluable knowledge of the world of kink and how it works on different levels – from physical sensation play to psychological exploration. It also means I am well-versed in safety protocols such as consent negotiation, aftercare procedures, risk assessment and emergency plans, all of which are essential for safe and satisfying play.

My approach is tailored towards your needs by creating a secure environment that allows you to communicate your fantasies and explore your limits.

I prioritise communication throughout our sessions so that we can find what works best for you. Additionally, I offer different packages depending on your interests or goals: from short introductory sessions through full-day experiences exploring various aspects of the lifestyle, including bondage & discipline (B&D), dominance & submission (D/s) or any combination thereof.

I understand there may be some apprehension around exploring these kinds of activities but rest assured knowing you will be entering into a safe environment where you will be respected at all times while trying something new – no matter how long we spend together or what activities we engage in during our session(s). Ultimately, my mission is always to provide an authentic and comfortable atmosphere where everyone is free to express themselves authentically without judgement!

I’m a professional male Dominant that strives to create an atmosphere of mutual respect between myself and my clients. I believe in treating everyone with kindness and respect regardless of their experience level, fantasies or desires.

Booking a Pro Dom

How to Book a Professional Male Dominant

  • You start by introducing yourself using the secure contact form, calling me or sending a text.
  • We’ll have a quick chat about where you are and what you’re looking for and start to get to know each other a little.
  • Once we have a rapport, I’ll send you a link to the password-protected gallery to see photos of my face and a link to the secure, confidential client questionnaire.
  • As soon as I receive the completed client questionnaire, I’ll call you to discuss how we will work together, ask some questions and communicate what I can offer you. At this point, you can make a booking or think about it and come back any time, no pressure!

You can read more about me, see my prices and learn more about the booking process on the male pro Dominant page.

I am still seeking the right words to describe the expertise and sensitivity with which Ti shows up in all that he does.

Ti’s vibe is just pure “goodness”. He's a total gentleman which is such a turn on when you know his dom nature is also in play...

He has a seemingly effortless ability to engulf you in a total sense of wellbeing while you’re with him; whether simply having a chat over the phone or especially while in a session.

He is always fully present; so comfortable in himself as he focuses on me, on us, on the moment; I just let go. And because of this ease between us; so much becomes possible.

Ti is an intoxicating balance of brilliant qualities: controlling yet concerned, knowing while playful; so exquisitely gracious; always intentional but seemingly spontaneous; as well as communicative and thoughtful.

Oh, yes; he’s sensuous and sensual as hell too, which leads to all sorts of wicked fun.

The time I have spent withTi so far has been deeply satisfying, pleasure-full & transformational…

I’m beyond excited to continue exploring my submissive self with him. He is my first D/s interaction and I now can’t imagine going through this experience with anyone else.


Ti’s flawless professionalism and easy nature reassured me from our first exchange onwards. He went beyond ensuring I felt safe and respected in our session. I felt looked after by an attentive and kind individual, who was focused on expertly creating a tailor-made, amazing experience for me. His approach is so conducive to me being comfortable - and excited - engaging in activities where trusting him is key. The experience of being bound and surrendering to Ti’s control, and being held in his arms afterwards, was incredible. He seamlessly weaves together those kinds of contrasts to sublime effect. Ti is an irresistible mix of masterfully dominant and disarmingly likeable - not to mention devilishly attractive. He makes me both shiver with anticipation and melt into letting go.


After having started to explore my submissive side with a dominatrix, I was curious to understand how this may differ with a male Dom. I wanted to experience the dynamic of surrendering my mind and body to a man, in the most intimate sense.

Ti’s professionalism and deep knowledge of the scene shone through from our first phone call and then again when meeting for the first time. His willingness to create a bespoke session to suit your needs and abilities through open and frequent communication show him to be a man who is disciplined but adaptable, as well as a great listener! He values aftercare just as much as the session itself and his playful and tender side aids recovery from an intense session. Even after a session has ended, he is open to discussion and has really helped break down my inhibitions. He is someone for whom I would happily converse about my day then go down on my knees.

During our sessions, he has allowed me to safely explore a subconscious need for punishment and reward, obedience and defiance. As a result, I have a deeper awareness of what I need to feel fulfilled. In my opinion, every submissive woman needs a Ti in their life.


West Midlands
Recently, a deep and unmet need to explore my submissive side, reared it’s head and demanded I do something about it. I wasn’t even sure what that would look like but I knew it was necessary.
From my first point of contact with Ti I knew I was in good hands.
This experience has been (and continues to be) growthful, challenging, playful, deeply arousing and has engendered a profound reconnection with both my sexual self and my sense of self.
I have never felt more known by someone I do not know or more bonded
Ti is masterful, alluring and present, creating a seductive narrative which he executes with vigilance, care, respect and wise understanding. He is excellent at what he does.


Ti absolutely blows my mind. I love the way he talks to me, listens to what I like, treats me, and touches me. He makes me feel like a queen and a slut at the same time, and the combination is totally electric. I think one of Ti’s biggest skills is to be able to absorb and understand what someone wants and really give it to them, without the process feeling awkward. He’s kind at heart, so that even when what we do together is extreme, I trust him. He’s also very easy on the eye 🙂


London, UK
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